This aint your average girls trip…we’re heading to the French Riviera

Girls always want to have fun and when you say the word “trip” everyone is down! What group of girls wouldn’t want to pack up the cases for a fun filled, rib cracking, gossip flowing, divalicious good time? So I started to search the web for some place me and my girls could go to have that kind of fun..I wasn’t look for just any local destination I was put our passports to use. I wanted our trip to be not only fun but culturally enriching.

Low and behold I found the perfect website that would assist me in planning the most mind blowing trip ever! Black Girl Travel is a travel club that expose Black women to the beauty of the world and the world to the beauty of Black women. All tours taken are uniquely customized to ensure you are exploring new lands while indulging in local culture, international cuisine, retail therapy, and exciting nightlife.

So gather your “gurlfriends” up and experience Riviera Noir, Bella Italia, Espana, Rome, South Africa and more. Your friends will just love this new adventurous you!

BTW: Send us some pics of your trip!


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