X marks the spot to early detection…No longer be afraid to do a self breast exam!

Ladies…have you ever gone into your doctor and they ask you have you done a breast exam lately? What was your response? Do you know how to do a self examination? Or have you ever had a tingly feeling in your breast  but could not remember the exact location of the irritated spot on your breast? Well as I was watching Doctors this morning I saw this amazing shirt that can help us all it’s called mark for life and you can get the breast self exam kit that comes with this cool shirt and marker. Once you put the shirt on you can not only learn how to examine your own breast but you can now mark the spot where you feel any discomfort and take the shirt in with you for your next physician visit! I LOVE IT! Don’t You?

BTW…how pleasantly surprised I was to see my good friend Tanisha Brito, Miss Georgia 2005, as their model..Owwwww..get it girl!

2 Responses to “X marks the spot to early detection…No longer be afraid to do a self breast exam!”
  1. Tanisha says:

    Wow! I did that shoot a long time ago. This is a great find Tiff!

  2. I love this sooo much and when I went to the site I said Gosh that girl looks like Tanisha! Then I read the photo credits and I said Heyyy! Keep up the good work and share with all your followers!

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