Black Marriage Day is Sunday March 28!

I was first introduced to Black Marriage Day about a year ago by my husband who is a Relationship Coach. He was trained by Dr. Rozario Slack and Nisa Muhammad and he came back filling me in on the importance of strenghtening marriages specifically in the black community with so much compassion and conviction that I became super excited. Showing postive relationships and marriages in our community is the stepping stone to everything that happens in our community. When you see children who have behaviral issues, sexually active youth, crime etc. you can likely trace these disfunctions back to the family.

So keeping with the promotion of strong Black marriages you should get involved with Black Marriage Day every year! My husband and I are the new chairs of our church’s marriage ministry and our goal is to bring Marriage Back! Our goal is to enforce the importance of dating your mate the way you did before you were married with children, socialize and study the word with other couples, and engage in marital seminars that rejuvinates our relationship.

Tyler Perry’s movie Why Did I Get Married Too? is being released around Black Marriage Day which is Sunday March 28. This would be a great event to see with other couples. My church purchased a private theater and is hosting our second “Date Your Mate” event with a private viewing of the movie..think of something you can do to celebrate Black Marriage Day!

Check out some of the events you can be involved with in your area to commemrate this great day! If you are in Atlanta come out to the Cumberland Mall March 28 at 1pm to renew your vows, enter to win a 2nd Honeymoon to the Bahamas, participate in giveaways and have a good time with your better half!

Check out what Tony Dungy had to say about Black Marriage Day !

For additional resouces and or to get involved you can go to


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