The Cost of Cheating: $9million Dollars?

Yes! It’s true. Cynthia Shackelford, North Carolina, sued and won a case against her husbands mistress saying that Anne(the mistress) pursued her husband knowing he was married! She was awarded $5million in compensatory damages and $4million in punitive damages to be paid by Anne Lundquist, dean of students at Wells College in Aurora, N.Y. Now before you go down to the courthouse to file a suit against your husband/wife’s mistress check your states laws. Most states did away with the law however North Carolina was the one to keep it!  Do you think this is fair for the mistress to pay? What about Allen Shackelford, Cynthia’s husband? Should he pay? Isn’t he the blame for the affair as well? What I do know is that Cythina sent a clear message to preying desperate women…You smooze You will Loose! Read the entire article and leave a comment on our page by clicking that pencil down there and tell us what you think!


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