How You Doing!

Yesterday I was watching the Wendy Williams Show and as always she had on her “snug attire” but I must admit she looked like nice. The dress she was wearing was a Shape FX sleeveless black mock dress and it was cute! She mentioned that before she started the show she browsed the sight and saw that the very dress she was wearing had gone on sale from $70 to $30…so you know me I looked it up, didn’t find it right off but I eventually found it and so I had to get it and try it for myself.

I said if Wendy can pull off a slim look and I’m smaller than she is then I know I will look fabulous in this dress! Instead of going for the black I opted for the berry color which I think will look great with my complexion and super cute with my black open toe patent leather sling backs. So I had to share my find and I will let you know the “skinny” once I get it and try it on.

If you are not familiar with Shape Fx its strategically designed merchandise makes the body you have, look like the body you want. You may think that it’s just for plus size folks but indeed NOT! All the apparel has body enhancing benefits built right in! You must check it out!


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