The Life of a Mompreneur ….is grand!

Whew! It’s 9:45pm ya’ll and I’m still at my computer while simultaneously playing the Wii with my kids! Yes, you are right they need to be in bed but they were so excited about Family time tonight the show had to go on! I’ve litterally been running since 7:27am when I jumped out of bed with a confused look because I couldn’t remember if I had actually set the clock forward or not. Realizing after 3min that I had. Now I’m panicing because my son is due to be in school in 18min or else he is late..and we don’t do late in this house! So I ran around the house like a sergent instructing the sequence of events…wash your face, brush your teeth, brush your hair…etc..

9:00a.m- So by now I’m making my way to Crate and Barrel for a client who is looking for an 8×11 rug for her living room; DSW for a client who placed a pair of red suede Guess Platform peep toe pumps on hold; and Toys R Us for some party items for a clients birthday party.

11:00a.m- I’m picking up a clients car to take to the Lexus dealership for her 40k miles check-up..By the way they were super nice in there makes me wanna trade my vehicle for a Lexus!

1:30- Remembered I hadn’t eaten lunch so stopped in my favorite smoothie shop, Smoothie King, for a strawberry yogurt delight! Yummy Yum Yum!

1:45-I stopped by the house to follow up on some RFP’s (Request for Proposals) for events I am either coordinating or recommending venue space.

2:30-Picked up son from school got and helped him get started on CRCT practice work

3:00-still working on follow up work with clients..

4:00-Stopped to watch a little Tyra

5:00- had to get something popping for dinner was tired of making the same ole same ole so I decided to make meatball subs…got those going nicely and put them in a crock pot with some peppers and onions and my fav sauce

6:30- Giving the kiddies their baths and had them eat dinner

7:00- Headed to pick up the Hubby he loves when his family comes and get’s him from a long day at work!

8:15- Confrence call with pastor and co-chairs of the CUMC Marriage Ministry about our next Date your Mate event…

9:00-Fixing a plate for my hubby to eat dinner and trying to install this darn Wii for the kids to play Family Feud and having a ball setting up my Mii!

9:45- Writing this blog to show you the the life of a Mompreneur is busy…yet grand! and I wouldn’t change my life for the world!

Funny thing is tomorrow isn’t promised so I live everyday full!


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