I love my Bootie!

I can’t really say that I’m a Bettye Muller fan, but I saw these shoes while I was flipping through a fashion mag and I said I love these little booties and I’ve got to have them! Furthermore, I wanted to share them with you! I sometimes find it hard to fall in love with a Bettye Muller shoe because it’s always either I don’t like the heel, the fabric, the shape, the color or something but I was so glad when she finally had something that I liked…the color is great, the shoe is super comfortable and I can wear it in the winter,spring and summer, so I completely feel like I’m getting my monies worth! Now the trick to purchasing anything from Bettye Muller is finding a shop in your area that carries her shoes and you can find that on her site or they have an e-mail address where you can drop them a line so they can respond..If you like these go ahead and splurge a little and get you a pair..I believe in sharing information cause you’ll never rock them like me! You’ve got your own style! One shoe can be worn in so many different ways! Send me a pic I’d love to see how you put it all together! If they ask… tell them The Atlanta Go To Girl sent you! Peach Out!


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