Prenatal To Go?

When I was a Pregger, I had problems remembering to take my prenatal pills. I guess because I’m not really a medicine taking person. To this day I have to push the pills to the the very edge of my throat and then chug on a beverage to rinse it down! Am I the only one who does this? Well I came across the neatest site that could potentially be the end to throat gagging and it’s called Be Nice. If you are familar with the handy drink packets that you add to your bottled water…then you’ll be just as familar with this format.

This all natural product and packaging is committed to the health of babies, moms and the planet. This shake and go drink is said to have all the important nutrients for moms and babies to be. Sooooo since I’m not a pregger and don’t plan on being one anytime soon, request your free samples and let me know your opinion so we can let other mommies know if it’s worth the $5.95 in shipping!


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