Protect Ya Neck!

OMG.. Diane Ivery is A-mazing! If you’re sleeping Imma need you to wake it on up! This sista is talented! She puts an exclamation point on the end of Fab, with her scarfs, neck and ear warmers and those awesome fingerless gloves. With her yarn, needle and crochet she is able to make such wonderful accessories that is sure to glam up any plain coat, jeans and white tee or even a plain pocketed sheath dress! And keeping it all the way 100% she didn’t forget about men, because they get cold too, and need a little lovin’. Men can put it over their coat, blazer, car coat….whatever and preserve their sexy! lol.. I love how these accessories can make intriguing gifts and because she has an array of items you can mix and match. Most of all you can have her customize by design, color and even fabrics; just hit her up she’s open! It’s a must to visit her site today @ Trucks & Pearls to see all of her other amazing styles. You can follow Diane on twitter to see what she comes up with next!

Keep it going Diane! I’ll be through to purchase mine soon!


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