Hessential Gift Idea #2-Valentines Day

Have you ever been asked what is the first thing you look at when you look at a man? Some say his shoes, some say his teeth, but many say his hands……If you can get him into the nail salon you’ve achieved half the battle! But if you can’t then consider the Essie Man-E-Cure. They have a line specifically for men to keep their hands looking and feeling as smooth as Michael Jordans bald head…(we’ll we’ve never felt his head) but you get what we’re saying! He’ll love this gift because he doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable by stepping in the Nail Spa with you; yet he’s grooming his “man tools” and hey look at it this way you get something out of it too! Can you say Massage….Done! You can thank us later! P.S. ladies I know this is Hessential Gifts but Essie has a thing or two for you too…Muah!

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