Kick the Clip….and Go Green too!

I’m super excited to share this new FREE mobile App with you! So paint the picture…you are looking extremely fab from head to toe and you have the urge to go spend a few dollars on something new, so you head to the mall to treat pick out your Fav item and head to checkout and the cashier tells you how much and you dig down in your bag/wallet and see “it”……the half crumbled piece of paper that symbolizes a 20% coupon and so you whip it out and ask the cashier if this applies to your purchase, and as she stands there trying to scan your crumbled piece of paper (coupon) the people behind you are huffing and puffing…

NOT THE BUSINESS ANYMORE! Kick the Clip…done are the days of clip and printing coupons…your a diva for goodness sake which means you don’t get rid of using coupons you just become more savvy about how you use them!

Mobiqpons is definately the bizz! This free app will pick up on your location and any business that is around you mobiqpon will show all it’s current deals and coupons and all you have to do is click and show the cashier…no clipping, no printing just click and show! How cool is that! I was sooo geeked.. now I’ll never miss a great deal and neither will you! and the coupon will show when it expires..check it out and tell me what you think about it! Now you better GO GIRL!…..or!


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