If you Give you Shall Receive!

As the co-founder of Atlanta Mom on a Mission, a non profit organization focused on decreasing youth violence and adolescent pregnancy, I know the importance of being effectively involved in the community as I like to call it! I give you all real talk about my second passion shopping and giving you good finds, but I strongly believe as you Get Money you should Give Money! Therefore, every now and again talking to you about community service and involvement will be a must! However, I’ll ensure I keep it fun and funky! (How’s that for compromise).

So…I was watching Good Morning America one morning and they were talking about finding nice party dresses for under $40 and they showed this off the hook Gold party dress and I loved it..so of course I was waiting for the part where they told you they got it and they said Shop Housing Works for like $30 or something crazy! The lady on there said the name so fast I was praying she said it again and I promise Robin Roberts read my mind because she ended up asking the lady “can you repeat that name one more time.”

Anyway Shop Housing Works gets donations of all kinds of “stuff” and in turn either sells or auctions off these items to put back into their main organization Housing Works.
Save more than just money on thousands of items donated by people like you to their thrift shops. Every dollar you spend helps them give a second chance to thousands of homeless New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. So make your dollar not only count but have something to show for you generosity! #alwaysanicegesture


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