To Spat or Not to Spat that is the question!

What is a Spat you ask! A Spat is basically a decorative covering for your shoe. The spat gives a boring shoe a sort of shoe lift if you will! Now you know my thing is making life simpler for you by finding the things that you need and want, however I must say to find you some cute Spats was my challenge for the day. Finding sites and stores that you can order these from was difficult however I have found a few for you but some will require you to dig deep in that Damier bag to get them. Check out Posso and Spatterdash. As I get more i’ll update you!

I did discover a quick tip though..if you have a good tailor or seamstress I’ve heard they aren’t difficult to make and you could be the envy of the town by having different patterns and styles. You can even buy a hide of leather and have a couple of pairs made and even have the leather dyed in different colors. Go get ’em Maven! I’ve given you some pics on examples of how you can transform that boring shoe sitting over there in the corner..Yeah that one! better Go Girl!


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