Borrow Like a Celebrity!

Because you are a Maven I know you watch all the red carpet events! So I know you know the famous red carpet question…What are you wearing? Why should celebrities and fashion editors have all the fun? Borrowing of clothes and jewels have been going on for years starting with Valentino loaning his friend one of his pieces for an award show, from there it became customary.

Being The Go To Girl that I am I found Wear Today Gone Tomorrow started by a former Lucky Magazine fashion editor who has literally placed the hottest designers today in one online shopping forum and you can borrow like the stars risk free for 90% off the retail value.

Now borrowing may sound unfashionistaish to you but face it if you need a dress for one day and you’re really not trying to keep it then you may want to go this way.. Hey do you Boo..the world will never know! Now you Better go Girl..or Boy Do it!


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