"Dog" On it…I got ya covered!

By now you should know I love accessories and I don’t necessarily always go with the flow. I wanted to share with my readers how I find common but unusual trinkets to embellish my wardrobe. So I was looking for a cute bracelet that I could wear with a pair of my eva ready skinny jeans and my white tank..Although I love my Tiffany Jewelry, I love to be simple and keep people guessing as to what I’m wearing..I probably break all rules of law when it comes to fashion because I put all brands together and top it off with ONE major piece like my LV brown Damier…but mostly I shop smart! Anyway, that was all a side note but my real point is, I came across these “bracelets” (I put in parenthesis because they aren’t really bracelets) they are really Dog Collars..but who makes the rules? We do of course! So I looked at it and said wow cute for a dog but since I don’t have one I’ll see how it looks on my wrist. POW! It was amazing and let me tell you it’s a show stopper where eva I may be.

Remember, don’t over embellish, this piece speaks for itself and be ready for all the questions! Don’t forget where you heard it first and where you got the hook up! The Atlanta Go To Girl! These Dog Collars are made with leather and Swarovski (pronounced Swear-off-ski) crystals, so you don’t have to worry about tarnishing or turning colors, a great alternative to diamonds. If you choose a piece with cowhide I must warn you that it may itch a little on your wrist..(sometimes that’s the cost of beauty) These pieces will run you anywhere from $40-$200…go to bbsimononline.com Now,when you get yours take a pic and let me see how you’re rocking B.B. Simon. Now that’s the way I see it…I’m out…You Better Go Girl!


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